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Mark Viñas is an all-around visual artist. He was born in Tinambac Camarines Sur and grew up in Catanduanes where he remembers with fondness how his enthusiasm for drawing started.

Mark eventually became a member of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines and an active student legislator in his school. He also won the Subic Bay Earth Day.

In 2005, something happened to Mark that brought a different perspective to his art. His life experiences have carved a deep passion that yearns for him to embark on a philosophical and spiritual search for his roots and purpose. This search has lead him to look at his own frail humanity and reflect on man’s search for the meaning of his existence. Mark continues to strive for artistic perfection, always drawing inspiration from his wife Mariah and their young daughter Marjenka Ces. More so, he derives divine inspiration from his faith seeking union with the divine. He believes that faith and art making should be integrated.

As an artist he continues to explore how to convey his personal faith and belief in art and experimenting on the impact of various media and approaches to painting.

Mark, who now likes mixing realistic and abstract figures, experimented with pencil, watercolor, acrylic, oil, and collage in all genres of art and has been exhibiting as an artist locally and abroad since 2015.

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