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Mark Neil Centillo Casidsid a truly blooded Filipino citizen of the Republic of the Philippines, born in 1986 and is from Roxas City, Capiz. Casidsid began to draw at the age of ten by sketching comic script as his model.

He believes that “Behind the ladder of sacrifices, lies the valley of success”. During his college, he worked at advertising art agencies to support his studies, graduated his degree of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education, major in Drafting and was awarded as artist of the Year-2006 at Capiz State University. After graduated, he work as a freelance artist and landed him a job as a visual artist at Capiz Provincial Capitol-2009. Year 2010, the year that he convince himself to go back as a freelance artist until he passed the licensure examination for teachers and got a brake to be a Professor at Capiz State University formerly Capiz Institute of Technology.

An active member of Guban Handuraw, Inc., a visual art organization of Capiz. He joined local and national painting competition and group exhibits.
He was inspired to Filipino culture, as his source of expressing his emotions through Painting into canvas.

Mark Casidsid

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