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Sagayno earned his Fine Arts degree from the University of the Philippines in Cebu in 1993. There he first understood the principles of drawing, proportion, tonal values, and color, principles that continue to come in play in his abstract expressionist canvases. Coming across the different art movements in history opened his eyes to the possibilities of experimentation and exploration, finding the works of Dali and Picasso fascinating.

Sagayno has experimented with different materials, incorporating corrugated boards in his collages. An early work utilized discarded junk food packaging in a huge canvas, a powerful statement against plastic waste. He was named Visayas winner for the Philippine Art Awards in 2009 for a work created out of sandpaper. He was one of forty finalists in the 1997 and 2000 Philippine Art Awards. Sagayno teaches in the Fine Arts department of the University of San Carlos.

Lucilo Sagayno

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