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Llyod B. Lusica was born in Guindulman, an old town in the eastern part of Bohol in the Philippines. He attended the University of Bohol College of Architecture and Fine Arts where he majored in Advertising. Dreaming big and aiming high to have a better life, Lloyd moved to Manila in 2012 to fulfill his dream of etching a name in painting and started participating in a number of group art shows.

As an abstract figurative painter, Lloyd's paintings are meant to be read and analyzed. He doesn't want the audience to merely admire his art works because of its beauty; rather, he wants the audience to connect with the image that they see, moved by it and explore the boundless possibilities of its interpretation.

A Lloyd Lusica trademark is his use of grids in most of his paintings. Those interlocking crisscross of lines or cubes lend the artwork an enigmatic appeal thereby giving the oeuvre a distinct character. Lusica's art works delves on juxtaposing reality and fantasy, of interposing a dream with reality.

Lloyd Lusica

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