Collection: Leodito Bongo III

Winning in a regional art competition gave Bongo the impetus to pursue his art, despite his parents’ initial reluctance. His mentor, Celso Pepito and the members of CAI provided inspiration and encouragement. Driven by the dream to draw and paint in the most realistic manner that he can, Bongo is now in his second year at the Fine Arts program of the University of the Philippines in Cebu. He actively joins most of CAI’s exhibitions and activities. Bongo’s work, with its minute and painstaking detail, is a testament to his patience and singular focus. He paints anything that catches his eye, be it landscape or a portrait. His first medium of choice is colored pencils, his determination lending itself so well to the burnishing method. He has also started working with different mediums and finds that in many ways, layering oil pigments feels much the same as burnishing.
Leodito Bongo III

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