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Lander Blanza is a real artist in every sense of the word; a performing artist, having been in a band for ywo decades and traveled the whole of Asia performing in hotels, classy bars and fancy restaurants. An apparel designer of the most famous brands in the country like Jag Jeans, Grizzly Kids Apparel and Crissa Ladies Jeans, Lander Blanza is indeed a cut above the rest, a different animal.

Since the late 1970s, Blanza had been into different form of artistry as he had been into concept and designing of visual merchandising and window displays of various big-time apparel to brand management focusing on clothing technology, product and package design.

He was stationed in China for sometimes as a Product Research and Development Manager of a company that produces the True Religion Jeans, an American brand.
Whereas Blanza managed to pursue his first love and passion- painting, which gives him enjoyment as a visual artist in his leisure time. An award-winner. Lander Blanza is indeed an artist par excellence.

Lander Blanza

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