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Born in Manila, Philippines. Coming from a renowned innovator of visual art, KHRISTINA MANANSALA demonstrated a natural artistic ability since she was a child but never encouraged to pursue art professionally. For someone with saucy noticeable talent it is surprising that is only in the last eight years she seriously considered art as a means of living and moved to painting full time.  

It is perhaps understandable for someone of her generation to consider the pressures of today’s life before stepping out of the comfort zone of living the corporate lifestyle. We admit that only a remarkable few have made it in the books of history. The sad truth is; most are soon forgotten and never leave their mark. 

Since her return to her original passion, Khristina came a long way in the notoriously hard to crack art world. Initially, she established a studio in Mandaluyong City and became a regular member of the Tuesday Group of Artists. She also became a member of The Art Association of The Philippines and late on became the Public Relations Officer of the Organization. She now creates art in her studio in Las Pinas, a place she grew up as a child fired with her passion to recreate images perceived by her mind. Some of her works focuses on religious subjects; reminiscent of her childhood as she runs through the hallways that are filled with the magnificent works of her forefather, like the Crucifixion and Madonna and Child. 

What makes Khristina’s works more interesting is that her women seem to always hide their emotions: their lips are tightly closed, and they often stare at the audience, blankly. With the added archetypes-the fish (symbol of agility, abundance, longevity, movement, etc.,) the Yin and Yang (the symbol of the male and female energies), among others. Khristina’s women have become the spirit of the Earth and the Cosmos in itself— self-containing, nurturing and powerful enough to create and destroy, recreate and rebuild anything and everything. 

Khristina’s works can be found in private art collections both in the Philippines and abroad and has participated in numerous exhibitions nationwide.  Recent offshore exhibitions are in KL, Malaysia, New York City, and Germany.  Her works have been published in the coveted book, The Great Themes in Philippines’ Art: Mother and Child by the late Manuel Duldulao, GSIS Art Collections, and Filarts, Palettes: Feast of Colors. Khristina already had escaped the shadows of her abuelo, she is a true Manansala-bold and daring, willing the break barriers just to create something beautiful and something astonishing.  

Major Exhibitions in the Philippines 

2010 - 1st Solo Exhibit, Eastwood City. “Tribute To Mang Enteng.”  2010 - Pagpugay Kay Mang Enteng, Metropololitan Museum  Roxas Bldg., Manila  

2011 - Fil-Korean Exhibit, GSIS  

2012 - Tuesday Group Annual Exhibition, Intramuros Manila  2013 - Two Women Show – SM Aura Premier  

2014 - 2nd Solo Show Exhibit, Guevarras, San Juan City  2015 - All Women Exhibit “KAtorse ab Initio” Arte Pintura Gallery  SanJuan  

2016 - Auspicious Art Exhibit, Art Elements Asian Gallery  2016 – All Women Exbibit “KAtorse Obtineo” Buena Artes, QuezonCity  2017 - 3rd Solo Exhibit, “ Colour and Vision” Art Elements Asian Gallery  2017 – “Colors Of Life” Selected Artists Grp Exhibition, Art Center,   SM Megamall  

2018 – All Women Exhibition “Unmasculine Strokes” , Guevarras,

   San Juan 

2018 - Duo Exhibit, “Awakening”  Art Center Megamall, Old Manila Gallery

2022 - “Strokes” NCCA Art Gallery

2022 - “Panagyaman”  , Paoay,Ilocos Norte

2022 - Manila Bang, Alabang Muntinlupa

2022 - Grupo Artistiko Debut Exhibit, San Pablo Laguna

2022 - 4th Solo Show, Artologist Gallery, Shangrila Manila


2016 - Art Dialogo, Kuala Lumpur,  


2107 - Pista Ng Kulay, New York City  

2018 - Cologne Contemporary Art Fair,  



Art Association of the Philippines (AAP)  

National Commission for Culture and the Arts  



Grupo Artisto (Founder) 

Khristina Manansala

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