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Kenneth Austria
better known as KenKen by family.
Born in Iligan City, in Northern Mindanao at St. Mary's Hospital, took up his Physical Education Bachelor's Degree at Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology and graduated in 2006, Kenneth is known for his fauvist and expressionist paintings. The painting depicts more of his local surroundings, family experiences and cultural influences.
Kenneth at a later stage of his life, was finding deeper meaning of his life's purpose. He loves art in the deeper sense of it. His paintings were more of a personal collection for him to have, but when he was given an invitation to have some of his paintings exhibited, his knowledge of imparting his paintings to others became an honor, as a colleague once mentioned that echoes on his mind always, " Nothing on this earth is ours, why not share it".
He was invited to be part of the Wooven Dreams Exhibit at Mindanao Art 2022 and became one of the exhibitors at the Department of Foreign Affairs Virtual Gallery in collaboration with Pinto Art Museum, as one of the Contemporary Artist
Kenneth Austria

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