Collection: Julius Clar

Julius Clar was born in the southern rural section of the Philippines but college diploma in Manila. After College he was subsequently exposed to photography and print media designing and production. His collage, assemblage and mixed media outputs have greatly took advantage of this long work experience which he later transposed to devising some tropes in abstract work in acrylic medium.

Clar's provincial background and ethical fiber is rooted in simplicity and raw honesty which he later inter-acted with the conceptual framework of 60s minimalist mode of artmaking. This unique rural temperament in minimalist ideas resulted in spare artworks which followed a seemingly desolate path of melancholy which are always redeemed with an exhilarating atmosphere of near bliss. 

Im most of his creative works the vacant space, be it in white or any color, function as major design equation in his compositional conceits. His bare spaces function as unseen braces which push the leading color motifs to act on their roles in painting settings.

His art pieces had been collected in some parts of the U.S.A, Canada, Brunie, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

Julius Clar

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