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Jovel M. Ruivivar is from Muntinlupa City 44 years of age Much recently, Jovel has been working on a new style and so far, the results according to the artist had been very satisfying despite being a huge departure from his old figurative method of rendering burnt images on wood, Jovel this time has decided to take a bold step and execute his new set of works by using paint in a non - representational manner. This Playfulness towards the abstraction of forms was recently inspired by jovel's ever evolving outlook in life.

He wanted to represent the concept of balance in his painting through the purity of expression, so he tried rendering the images in thick mixes of pastel and basic colors. As an artist, he felt that he could voice the range of his emotions through this more spontaneous approach to art making.

The results proved successful as he recently landed the 3rd place spot in the GSIS PAINTING COMPETITION non representative Category the winning piece entitled " Woman on Top", showcases his newly developed style in where red symbolized the transcendent nature of aggressiveness while the yellow hue calmly lies beneath it as the opposite. Armed with his renewed artistic passion and spiritual inspiration, Jovel plans to move this style forward, and is very excited to where his nee journey would lead him.

Jovel Ruivivar

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