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Jake Catah is a self-described Fauvist. His paintings reflect the colorful vibrancy and bright strokes of Fauvism. His artistry is unique and daring. His concepts are inventive yet the thenes are close to heart. The overall imoact of hus vuewer is deep and relevant yet light. Catah's paintings consolidates his rural roots. He captures spaces with an enermous feeling of love in the family. His subjectd consist of frolics, people in race for fun typical of the lively and fun spirit which is iconic in Catah's renditions.

Mosf of hus earlier compositions focus in the all-familiar "road trip", something Pinoys can readily identify with. From twisting rides through the countryside to mind-bending airplane rides through thw urban sky, Catah captures thr quintessential Pinoy activity- travelling- with a deft eye and incisive heart. Catah's artisitic flair has evolved from fauvist to surrealist as can be seen in his most recent works. His latest major international exhibition "Personification of Peace" in 2017 mounted by Art Hub Exhibitions in Dubai showcased a different aspect of Catah's genius as an artist. The movements in his paintings do not haste to be understood. The eyes are windows of possibilities. The flute pupes are calling for actions and the different creatures hyoe harmony.

Jake Catah

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