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The Realism Genre is the accurate, detailed, unembellished depiction of nature or the contemporary life. Realism rejects imaginative idealization in favor of close observation of actual appearances. Furthermore, realism, in its broad sense, has compromised many artistic currents in different civilizations. For example, the works of such 17"-century painters as Caravaggio and the Spanish painter, Diego Velazquez are realistic in approach. However, in the local art scene, few artists venture into this genre as almost all indulge in the fad-surrealism; yet a quiet and unassuming guy, lwag Palattao, continue to practice the traditional form with a twist.

Palattao's perfect execution with a contemporary approach contrast with what we can see or view from a regular art exhibit, as he has laid over some unique elements to his oeuvre Accordingly, he attempted to depict the middle classes' lives appearances, customs, and traditions, conveying a story of the past generation. Palattao does portraits of the rich and famous Evered, even the humble, and the unadorned, all in his signature approach.

Undisputedly, he has distanced himself from his peers. He moved to observe the traditional style, yet conforming to the dictate of the modern world, creating a remarkable style that made him sought-after artist. Indeed, he stands alone on his chosen pedestal-a modern yet traditional style.

Iwag Palattao

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