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Caesario speaks for and about the planet in peril. Embedded into his body of work is a warning of the end of days for humanity.

There is a rich discourse in Caesario's body of work. He fascinates us. And he warns us. There is both an elegance and an emptiness in his pieces that speaks about the beauty and the tragedy that surrounds us. There is elegance in the manner with which he paces and spaces his visual elements. That elegance is a testament to the inherent beauty of this planet that we have taken for granted throughout our shared history as a species Woven unto that elegance is also an emptiness, a sharp yet subtle absence that speaks about the same beautiful planet that is on the brink of devolving into a wasteland.

Caesario speaks for and about the planet in peril. His works are contemplations on humanity's afflictions' on the planet, Caesario's canvases are terrains. And these terrains are rife with images of chaos, of destruction, and extinction. Caesario's works are visual statements on the extended episodes of drought, of wildfires, of untimely floods, of the displacement and decimation of flora and fauna, of natural resources drained to its final reserves, of Earth unleashing its natural disasters as a final act of cleansing and self-preservation, and of humanity doomed to its own reckless unmaking.

There is indeed a rich discourse in Caesario's body of work. The power and value of his art pieces go beyond the mere commodification of Art as artifacts of ornamentation, or currency between and among collectors and aficionados Caesario arrives not just as an artist but as a child of a planet seeking to communicate with her wayward offspring.
I am Caesario

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