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Hannah Castalone, is a contemporary artist from Pililla, Rizal. A graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management but ultimately pursued her lifelong dream and become a full-time artist in 2020.

With the use of acrylics, she creates artworks full of vibrant colors and dramatic tones, developing her own unique art style, a mixture of Pop Surrealism and Folk art. She skillfully incorporates her distinctive whimsical characters with her love of Philippine culture and tradition creating nostalgic and one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Since she became a full-time artist, her artworks have been part of various local and international art exhibitions and have been featured by various publications and art magazines, such as ALPAS, Mental Health Ph, Luna art magazine and novice magazine. She has been privately commissioned by art collectors not just locally but international as well.

Hannah is a two-time "Top Selling Artist" awardee of Art Show Philippines (2020-2021), 2021-2022) and an active member of art organizations such as Philippine Fauna Art Society, AAP, PALAD.

Hannah Castalone

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