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He exceptionally crafted works are the result of countless years of exploration and passionate experimentations. With his enormous experience in handling contemporary art materials, Gerry Navilon has discovered an avant-garde procedure in revealing a signature form; unique and stunning masterpieces.

Navilon, who recognized and perfected his distinct style which allowed him to stand out before anyone else is inspired by his mentor and province mate, the famous and light-hearted Raul Isidro. Instead of trying to devise a style like someone whom he revered, Navilon has created a genre he can proudly claim his own.

The heavy textured underwater seascapes and unique coral formations are his usual subjects; these remind him of his gleeful toddlers' days in his native Samar. Considered one of the most innovative artists amongst his peers, he is now ready to do a significant leap, currently producing astounding works for future shows, it is now just a matter of time, Gerry Navilon will be a name to reckon with.

Gerry Navilon

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