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Franklin Valencia, who signs his art “Caña” (his middle name - Malang, who suggested that he sign his paintings “Caña” so that these would not confuse with those of his brother, Magoo Valencia), was born in Calauag, Quezon and grew up in Quezon City. His fascination with the fragmented images started in the streets of Kamuning at the age of 10. In the middle of shooting marbles with his playmates, he would peep through the tiny sphere to appreciate the magnificence of the broken images of the world - which he visualizes as colorful patterns with myriad shapes and gradations.

His works display kaleidoscopic (from the combination of Greek words ‘kalós’ and ‘eidos’ which means beautiful and shape, respectively) formations of beautiful shapes and figures. Mostly, showing prism of light and colors that molded into half-moon patterns like letter C and D. Examining shapes and colors and looking at the play of shadow and light was irresistible to the young Caña - and in hindsight he recognizes this as the wellspring of his visual language. A language which he now makes his presence felt, not only in the local scene but internationally as well, as he conquers Jeddah, Paris, Geneva, Hongkong, Kuala Lumpur, New York, New Jersey, Arizona and in Singapore.

Franklin Valencia

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