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Born on October 29,1978 and raised in the humble town of Binangonan, Rizal is a self taught Neo-impressionist with an idealistic approach in the interpretation and representation of elements in his artworks he call Flight Mode, as his subjects mostly deal with flying objects and is well- known for his Kite flight Series.

His painting is characterized by inanimate subjects of children both young and mature displaying and parading different sizes,  shapes, forms colors, design and angles as well as the heights of kite flight in bold choice of colors, thereby creating a brilliant and bright effect in an effort to boost and awaken our mood and sense to a joyous and ecstatic jubilation of what kite and its flight was all about. He belleve that art such as these are meant to cure the lonely and inspire us to a positive and optimistic look in life and in its pursuit to achieve the unobtainable and obtain what is unachievable.

In his efforts to immortalize the old-time favorite past-time, he was chosen for Hallmark Christmas Card Cover (7 times ), 2016 See Me Exhibitions "Creators Deserved to be Seen" Time Square NYC, contributing artist to the San Agustin Museum 2018, Sainthood travelling exhibitions for San Pedro Calungsod 2011, and Third Place Robinson 1st National Art Competition 2018 and 2019 Dohle Seafront Pnilippines Christmas Card and souvenir design cover.
Bong is currently the President of Bigkis sining Binangonan.
Ferdinand Bong Anore

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