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Abstract painter Erzil Morales was born in Pangasinan, Philippines. She has exhibited outside the country such as in Asia like Singapore wherein she was featured in an art magazine entitled Art herald. In addition, she also exhibited in Africa, Europe, and some parts of America. Morales's recent oeuvre brings out the importance of finding beauty and meaning in everyday life. Taken as a whole, her oeuvre resembles clouds that are cut through by gold metallic streaks and faded geometric shapes. There is an interplay of softness and edginess, a quality of Morales' recent paintings. The amorphous forms give off a feeling of light and being unburdened while shapes balance out the composition as they suggest confidence and boldness. As her works tackle life and spirituality, Morales makes sure to refocus the viewers from the harsh realities to something that is encouraging and promising.
Erzil Morales

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