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Ernesto R. Tagle is a renowned Filipino artist who has held local and international exhibits and founded art clubs and galleries before popularizing “positivism”. Positivism is an outlook in art and life which focus on the good spirit and extols good Filipino values like “bayanihan”, family unity and “kasipagan”. For his achievements, he has been cited by President Corazon Aquino in 1991 and has graced international magazines like Hong Kong Tatler, Singapore Tatler and Asiaweek. Inspite of this, this painter, teacher and lecturer still holds on to his humble roots as he tries to leave a positive mark on the future generation through art.

He started teaching art as a fresh UST fine arts graduate in the early 70s. Today, he teaches beyond art through his Positivism Workshop which started in 1988. Ernesto, who prefers to be called E.R., hones children to be artists with self confidence and positive values in everything they do. E.R. conveys, “Children today are exposed to too much violence, media and computers. I may not succeed in eradicating those negativities but enlightening them with positive methods and subjects could at least bring balance to whatever element they adapt.” E.R. Inspires his students about family, unity, love for country and God by giving them a mother and child theme as one of the many examples of subjects he works on.

ER Tagle

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