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Doy Kastilyo, born in Bauan Batangas, is a 35 year old self taught artist, who just started painting around 5 years ago. He refuses to center his art on his persona, but like many artists, aspires to make his art known worldwide. He seeks to provoke the audience to make them think differently.

Kastilyo's artworks are described as Pinoy Fauvism; influenced by the everyday Filipino culture and way of life, with bold, wild and dynamic colors used with spontaneous lines and his own individual expression.

Kastilyo prefer Fauvism as it uses vibrant, intense and bold colors, that expresses one's individuality. “Gusto ko yung colors pa lang eh makakapag pasaya na sa akin at sa viewers.” He added, “I want to create a subject with extra ordinary colors, lines and curves that depicts life and beauty itself”

He finds his inspiration and influence from local artists in the likes of Philip Badon,  Malang, and also, Henri Matisse.

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Doy Kastilyo

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