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Clarisa Navidad is a prolific artist whose subjects showcase mostly Filipino cultural heritage though her style had evolved and developed through intense personal studies of renowned Filipino and European masters throughout history. Born in 1978, art became her obstinate pursuit as early from her tender age of 5, drawing pictures in the sand along her coastal province of Eastern Samar.

In 2005, she mounted her first solo show "Poetic Silence" at Metrobank GT Tower Makati City where she showcased several paintings of various figurative subjects in her attempt to promote the Filipino culture and introduce her aesthetics.

Her art education was primarily self-taught through participation in weekly on-the-spot painting sessions by groups like Lunda, under the direction of Solano Cruz, Tuesday Group, under the direction of Jun Martinez and Angel Cacnio, and ArtWednesday, under the direction of Remedios Boquiren, where she regularly participated and received feedback from the group's more experienced members.

She immersed herself in close examinations of significant historical pieces of art. She also experimented with a wide range of media, including watercolors, oils, pastels, acrylics, mixed media, and sculpture, and has since created over 1000 paintings since 2002.

Clarisa Navidad

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