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Catherine is a Realtor by Profession, who found herself fascinated with watercolor since 2016. Already keen on the arts at a very young age, Catherine would always doodle and sketch whatever captures her mind.

The day she learned about the watercolor medium was the day that jolted her senses to pursue an unrivaled passion. Since then, she's been an active member of The Philippine Guild of Watercolorists and has joined several local and international exhibitions.

Catherine has a deep love for nature, and that's where her inspiration is rooted. When she looks at nature, she feels comfort; she feels content. Thus, she wants to evoke inner peace and tranquility through art, and this is felt in
her watercolor landscape paintings.

The majestic beauty of the sea, misty mountains, the woods, quiet lakes, and
moody skies are her favorite subjects to paint. Some days, colors and forms
randomly burst into her imagination which she enjoys to paint in a loose and
impressionistic style.
Catherine Chan

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