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A fine arts scholar who stidued at the University of Santo Tomas has won many major awards in the field of visual arts, sculpture, photography and the prestigious Benavides Award.

He has a 4 Solo art shows all held in Australia 14 selected art group shows in the Philippines, Australia, Singapore, Hongkong and in Saudia Arabia; 15 selected Philippine Awards in painting, sculpture and photography; 3 selected Australian Awards in painting.

He was Art Director of well-known advertising firms, McCann Erickson in the Philippines and Pacific Publications in Australia. His works hangs in galleries and private collections world-wide. He has exhibited his artworks in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines and Saudi Arabia.

Caesario's paintings reflect his passion in the conservation of the environment and our many endangered species. 

He draws inspiration from the concept that human beings are one with nature with all species having a function and an effect with the rest of the environment no matter how small or futile it seems.

He was the Co-Founder, Co-Creator of Facebook consisting of 70 different pages of World Artists' Net; 25 different pages of Museum; 5 different ages of Liberty Sites on Art, Photography, Design, Digital Artm Illustration, Video, Installation, Fashion, Food, Music, Poetry, Photography with more than 100,000 memberships worldwide.

Caesar Sario

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