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Angelica Antolin A.K.A "Nica" a Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics is a native of Pangil, Laguna. She was mentored by her fellow visual artist Felix Tiglao whom she admire when it comes to Art and became her guardian for 7 years. Antolin is an up-and-coming artist exhibiting in Nineveh Artspace, situated in Sta. Cruz, Laguna.

She started being an apprentice until she found a style of her own. Art saves her life as it became her bread and butter. As a matter of fact she was able to went back to school because of her craft. Despite of the pandemic she continue to pursue her dream of becoming a bachelor degree holder so she never stop painting while studying. Fortunately, she was able to graduate last August, 2021. Her paintings consist of thousands of dots as she use pointillism as her technique to create an image of smiling children and happy families. These dots represents her patience and perseverance in life.

She also believes that culture plays a vital role in our life and as a Filipino we should not forget it. The value of family that carry a common theme of happiness and playing children is her main theme. She is forever grateful to her mentor Felix Tiglao because she owes everything to him and to her Art collector because she knows that without them buying her craft she is not sure of where she might be right now.

Angelica Antolin

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