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The conflicts of the modern world are the common subjects of Mr. Amiel Manalo's early paintings. He sees himself as a "Visual Poet" and his detailed images depict the destruction of the environment, political and social injustices as well as cultural and religious conflicts.

In his younger years, his works featured an ensemble of dark and complex "biomechanic" themed imagery but has evolved into a more surreal style that depicts an almost eerie representation of deep emotions that could compel those who sees it. He uses vivid and contrasting tones in his paintings to give a strong visual presence, enhance by his skills at rendering eye-catching details and lifelike figure. The resulting works transform the standard notion of realism into a uniquely surreal form. He is continuously evolving and improving his crat as an artist and is now currently exploring new styles and techniques, ranging from hyper realism, abstract and mixed media art.

Mr. Manalo is a graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts from Far Eastern University, Manila. As a student, he has joined and received citations in various Art Competitions. He had a career spanning more that 15 years working in advertising, multimedia, graphic design and visual merchandising field.

Amiel Manalo

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