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While favoring social realism, ALFONSO "PONSO" DATO
maintains his singular perspective on everything, giving his topics a fresh angle. Early in the 1990s, he participated in his first group exhibition with the Baguio Artists Guild, and in 1995, the Tarlac Museum hosted his debut solo exhibition. He was also one of the NCCA's 1994 Art Manila '94 exhibitors. In several areas across the country, he has instructed both primary and secondary students in basic artistic methods with other groups.

The drama of men and women as well as the enduring qualities of humanity are of interest. The tree's bark serves as his source of inspiration. He portrays the living conditions of man in his paintings by employing those photos. Ponso encourages viewers to reexamine commonplace surroundings to find the beauty that frequently slips their minds.
Alfonso Dato

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