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Aileen Sarah Roque is a self-taught artist based in Bulacan. She loves sketching and painting different faces of women. She is an entrepreneur and loves to travel. "Whenever I paint I felt I'm in a different world".

I started to sketch when I was a kid, my late grandfather "Antonio Chan" was an artist and he taught me a lot when it comes to art. The one thing that I always remember that he told me is I should do what I love, I should follow my heart. He always encourage me to join the contest, and so did I, But when he passed away I have no longer interest in art. I seek a different career. Looking forward, the pandemic happened. I was about to lose everything, my travel, and tours business etc. I feel lost and empty. I look forward to coming back to my passion and starting to sketch and paint again. I took time to study and practice every day and I started to join different online art platforms and make a connection with other fellow artists. I sell paintings online and did commission work too. This was my bread and butter during the pandemic and I realized that I was so happy because I'm doing what I love.

I love using oil on canvas, though I explore different mediums but using oils makes my work different and makes me confident in doing my style. I am focusing on women's faces or body painting. I love colorful things it makes me feel so happy and energized. My works have stories and emotions too. I am still definitely enjoying experimenting and learning new things every day because I believe this will help me grow as in artist. I seek my inspiration through my fellow artists, I love observing and knowing the stories behind their art. I hope that through my works I could inspire people too. I look forward to where this new direction will take me.

Aileen Sarah Roque

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