How to Choose the Right Pieces of Art for Interior Design

How to Choose the Right Pieces of Art for Interior Design

Dec 15, 2023

Art brings character to a home or office. Most people love to decorate their spaces with art pieces that are either bought or given as presents on special occasions. Choosing art for interior design reflects the style and personality of the persons residing or occupying the workspace. Artworks can be paintings, sculptures, or art installations that are good focal points or interesting subjects for discussion among people who view them. Even a quirky and colorful art piece in the living room can start conversations since guests can be curious about the subject matter.     


Some individuals prefer to hire an interior designer to help create a harmonious space that shows their tastes through furniture and art decor. Art for interior designers combines colors, patterns, and lighting, among other things. But you can still make your home or office look fabulous even if you do not ask a professional to do the job. All you need to do is look for the perfect artwork that will work together with the furniture, colors, and features of the room. Here are 6 suggestions on how to pick the right pieces of art for interior design to bring out your style.


6 Practical Tips in Selecting Artworks for Interior


1. Choose an Artwork as the Starting Point.

One of the best ways to choose art for interior design is to use a piece of art as the starting point for the decoration. It can be either a painting or sculpture and then have your furniture and fabrics complement or contrast it. You can read fashion magazines or use a color wheel to help you select different yet harmonious colors that will match the artwork.


2. Consider the Room Colors.

Another way to pick the ideal pieces of art for interior design is by using complementary colors that already exist in the rooms. Select two or three colors from the furnishings and then search these shades before you purchase an artwork. You can also consider buying a colorful painting if the room only has a neutral hue such as white, gray, or cream. The pops of color from the art piece will make the room brighter.    


3. Pick an Artwork Using the Ambiance You Want for a Space.

The overall ambiance you want to achieve in your home or office can help you choose the perfect art for interior design. The harmony between the artwork and the surrounding space can help when designing the desired atmosphere you want to have. Art pieces are always displayed in the living room which is full of energy because of the activities that happen here such as bonding moments and entertaining guests. The bedroom must be soothing and quiet as this is the space where you sleep to restore your energy. You can display artwork with a serene subject matter. You can also have paintings with neutral or pastel colors.


4. Consider the Lighting.

The lighting of a room must be considered when choosing an artwork. Is the selected art for interior design a painting or sculpture? Artworks must be displayed away from direct sunlight because it can cause the colors to fade. You can instead choose prints that are less expensive and less likely to fade over time. Place lighting in strategic locations around a sculpture like glass. Lighting from different angles can create pleasant effects on the shapes and details of this art for interior design.  


5. Look for Consistency in Line and Form.

You can check the shapes, lines, and angles of your furnishings and then choose the same for the pieces of art for interior design. They must be in sync with one another. For instance, paintings with sweeping strokes can match furniture that has fluid lines or soft curves. Furniture with hard, angled, or industrial edges is consistent with an art piece that features geometric abstracts.


6. Pick a Complementary Frame.

The frame can be an additional art for interior design. The material that makes up the frame can link the piece of art and the interior of the home or office. Natural wood frames can complement wood furnishings. Paintings that have gold frames give off a vintage vibe or a touch of glam in a modern interior.


Nami Art Gallery offers framing services to its customers to help them preserve and enhance the beauty of their valued artworks. The paintings are skillfully and carefully framed so these can be displayed in an elegant manner that adds beauty to the interior of a home or office. 


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Selecting the perfect pieces of art for interior design is both exciting and challenging. You want to learn how to decorate your home or office using art pieces that will reflect your style but you may also get overwhelmed by how and where to start. By following some suggestions in choosing the right artworks such as paintings, sculptures, or prints, you can create the best interior for your living or working space.   


Nami Art Gallery provides a venue for emerging artists to showcase their artistic skills either through paintings or sculptures. Buying their artworks from the gallery allows them to gain recognition and supports their growth in the field of art. Are you looking for the right pieces of art for the interior of your home and office? Visit Nami Art Gallery for its wide selection of art pieces that suit your preference.


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