The Essential Guide to Art Collecting for Beginners

The Essential Guide to Art Collecting for Beginners

Jul 03, 2023

Starting an art collection may seem a daunting task because you do not know where to begin and what mediums to purchase for your living space. The good news is, it could be made simpler.. 

Whether you want to build a collection of masterpieces by prominent painters or the latest creations by up-and-coming artists, just enjoy the experience of buying the art that you love. When starting an art collection, keep in mind that the art pieces you buy are reflections of your personality. To make the process a fulfilling experience, here are some suggestions on how art collecting for beginners can be done.

7 Essential Guides To Starting An Art Collection


1. Do Your Research.

Immerse yourself in the art world by acquiring knowledge. You can visit art museums and galleries. Attend art fairs where you can meet some featured artists. Collect art books about your favorite artists and the different types of artworks, styles, and mediums. Surf online for helpful information about art. Check out social media for posts on art pieces. These are great ways to familiarize yourself while starting an art collection. The more you see art, the more you will gain knowledge about the mediums, techniques, and styles used by various artists. 

Nami Art Gallery has a vast curated collection of high-quality and unique pieces from talented contemporary artists in the Philippines. You can browse through a diverse range of styles, mediums, and artistic expressions that allow you to find artworks that resonate with your taste and preferences. 


2. Learn The Terminology.

Art has its terminology and jargon. In the past, you had to research art terms by reading the glossaries printed at the back of art history textbooks. Now you can just easily surf online to research key terms about art in seconds.


3. Concentrate On One Area.

If you are starting an art collection, it is first important to get to know one area of art. It may be a single artist, a group of artists with the same art style, a medium, an era, an art movement, or a color. Artworks that focus on a specific subject are also a good place to start. Examples include mother and child, landscapes, or portraits. Doing this can narrow down your choices and develop a harmonious theme.  


4. Set A Budget.

Set a budget first before starting an art collection. Your budget is a decisive factor in what artwork you can purchase. You can begin on a small budget and increase it once you grow your art collection.


5. Ask For Provenance.

Provenance is essential in knowing the history of an artwork. It is crucial for original paintings. You have to learn about the details of past ownership and check for proof of how a particular piece of art has changed hands over the years until the present. If you are starting an art collection and eyeing to purchase creations by famous artists, you need help from experts to confirm the authenticity of such artwork. Buying directly from the artist is the best way to verify the provenance of an art piece.


When you purchase artworks from Nami Art Gallery, you are assured of their authenticity and provenance. The gallery works closely with artists and reputable sources to ensure the legitimacy and origin of the artworks. This gives you peace of mind about their quality and value.


6. Make It Personal.

Your art collection must represent you. This is one of the most important things to remember while you are starting an art collection. The art you buy must speak something about you. If a work of art connects with you the first time you see it, then it is worth exploring. Your art choices reflect your life and personality, your intellectual and creative interests.

7. Seek Expert Guidance.

Art advisors are good resources who could introduce you to artists and various art styles. They can suggest significant pieces that you have not considered or known before starting an art collection. Art galleries usually have advisory services which can be helpful since they can give expert advice in the field of art.


Nami Art Gallery has knowledgeable staff who can provide expert guidance and information about the available artworks. The team offers insights, answers questions, and assists potential buyers in making informed decisions that align with their artistic interests and investment goals.


Starting an art collection can be an intimidating task at first especially if you are a novice. You may not know where to begin since the world of art is full of artists and artworks of different mediums and styles. There are helpful suggestions that you can follow so you will not be overwhelmed once you begin collecting art. These are guides so you may understand more about art. Keep in mind that acquiring art pieces must be an enjoyable experience that can bring out your creative side.    

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Nami Art Gallery has an extensive curated collection of high-quality and unique pieces from talented artists. We are dedicated to promoting and supporting emerging artists, providing them with a platform to showcase their talent and gain recognition. By purchasing artworks from our gallery, you contribute to the growth and development of these promising artists, helping them establish their careers. 

Do you want to build an art collection at home but do not know where to start and what to buy? Nami Art Gallery is ready to assist you. 


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