Types of Wall Art to Consider for Your Holiday Makeover

Types of Wall Art to Consider for Your Holiday Makeover

Dec 22, 2023

The holiday season has already started in the Philippines which has the longest yuletide celebration as soon as September arrives. The last four months of the year give families sufficient time to decorate their homes with Christmas trimmings that exude a cheerful vibe. Typical holiday decorations include the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, stars, and sparkling lights which can be seen in the living room or outside the house. You may want to take your living space to the next level this Christmas season by using wall art in your décor.   


Wall art for living room can enhance the look of the space where you usually share bonding moments as a family and entertain guests. The wall art styles that suit the home depend on a room’s theme like Christmas. You may want to consider using new additions to your typical embellishments this holiday. To help in your yuletide preparation, here are 8 types of wall art to jazz up your interiors.


8 Types of Wall Art Styles for the Holiday


1. Gallery Wall

A gallery wall in the living room is a good focal point in the house. For the holiday, you can use simple and decorative frames together with photos of family members taken during Christmas celebrations and artwork with yuletide as the subject matter. This wall art for living room can also add paintings with shades of green, red, and gold or ornaments like small stars hanging at different locations on the gallery wall.


2. Photographs

Wall art for living room uses framed photographs of family members. For a more classic look, have your photos printed in black and white featuring the family wearing holiday-themed shirts or sweatshirts. The photographs displayed can be a collection of Yuletide family gatherings.   


3. Mirror

Mirrors can reflect light which can brighten up a space and make it look larger. Asymmetrical-shaped or big and small mirrors can be hung to create wall art on living room. Tie greenery to the frame of each mirror to give off a yuletide ambiance.


4. Sculptures

A sculpture can be used as wall art for living room and create a visual interest among the viewers. This three-dimensional artwork looks like it pops off the wall surface. If you are planning to use the right size sculpture as a wall décor for living room this holiday, you can choose a nativity scene or even Santa Claus.   


Nami Art Gallery has different selections of sculptures that are skillfully created by aspiring artists in the country. The sculptures have various subject matters that can suit your preference and accentuate your home and office. They are also great gift options for your loved ones on special occasions like Christmas.


5. Posters

Framed movie posters can be a fun way to adorn a space. It can give off a sense of nostalgia, especially if the films were released several years ago. They can be interesting subjects for conversation if used as wall art for living room. Posters come in different sizes and can be easily removed. For the yuletide season, you can hang framed movie posters of popular films about Christmas.


6. Plates

Christmas is a special time to display your festive dishware like plates. Your plates with holiday designs or with red, green, or gold colors can amazingly jazz up the kitchen or dining room walls. Use wire plate hangers to hang them on the walls.


7. Classic Wreath

A Christmas tree is usually the central piece for holiday decorations. But if you lack space, you may opt to choose a brightly lit Christmas wreath as a wall art for living room. If space is not a problem at home, you can display a wreath on a living room wall to add to the holiday feel.


8. Planters

Indoor plants always bring freshness to your home. Planters can make good wall art for living room. For this yuletide season, you can use wall-mounted or hanging planters adorned with poinsettias that only blossom during Christmas. You can also use artificial plants so it would not require any watering for this type of wall art for living room.


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While Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and brightly lit stars are the typical decorations during the holiday, there are alternatives such as wall art if you want to be more creative in your ornaments. Different types of wall art can transform a drab wall into a stunning decorative space. This holiday season, you can use wall art for living room to add to the vibrant feel of the occasion while plates with yuletide colors are good options to jazz up your kitchen and dining room walls. You can take your living space to the next level this Christmas season with the use of wall art in your décor.


Nami Art Gallery has a collection of various artworks such as paintings and sculptures created by promising artists. These art pieces have different styles, mediums, and subject matter that can suit your artistic preferences and taste. Are you looking for artwork that you can use as wall art for living room this holiday season? Visit Nami Art Gallery today.



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