Nami Art Gallery is a Featured Exhibitor at ManilART 2023

Nami Art Gallery is a Featured Exhibitor at ManilART 2023

Sep 15, 2023

The National Art Fair marks its 15th-year milestone through ManilART 2023. Nami Art Gallery is a featured exhibitor from October 11 to 15, 2023 at the SMX Aura Convention Center. 

With the theme “A New Contemporary”, the art fair presents a culmination of ManilART’s series of themes over the most recent years. This year, the emphasis is on the legacy and tradition of Philippine art as it welcomes fresh perspectives and the inclusion of new media.


Visit Nami Art Gallery’s Booth D5 at ManilART 2023

“A New Contemporary” aligns with ManilART’s commitment to excellence while bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary art. As Nami Art Gallery is a home for contemporary artists, we are one of the featured exhibitors at the event.

With “Nature’s Touch” as the concept of ManilART 2023, Nami Art Gallery will feature some of the most promising Filipino contemporary artists. Visit us at booth number “D5” to find and be in awe of new media arts from featured artists such as Adler Llagas, Ambrocio Mallari, Brando Bati, Caesario, Caloy Gabuco, Reynato Cheng, Elias Pernecita Jr., and King Duran.

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ManilART 2023 is an event for all types of art aficionados. It will present a diverse range of exhibits that feature traditional and interdisciplinary expressions. Prepare to be captivated by canvas art, sculptures, and technology-based art. This art fair will also be a venue for various media such as automotive art and design, digital art, sound art, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and phygital media.

Be there as we grace this celebration of art. Whether you are an artist, collector, or art aficionado, there is something great waiting for you at ManilART 2023.

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