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Creative Convergence

Creative Convergence

May 18, 2023


Gabriel Yap

Scenes from the Exhibit
Creative Convergence
As Philippines is an archipelagic country, it is very seldom that a group of Filipino artists coming from different regions, and with different mindsets will have an opportunity to be together in one creative endeavor. Their exposure to unsimilar environment and practicing their art in different direction will even contribute to the impossibility of uniting them in one exhibit.
Featuring artworks from Roy Espinosa, Celso Pepito, Joel Cristobal
Featuring artworks from Julius Clar, Ingrid Penaflor
However, there are instances when artists with different perspectives will come together if only to showcase a variety of artistic expressions, thereby providing the public an opportunity to view, interact and perhaps appreciate the different creative outputs born out of their individuality.
Creative Convergence aims just like that to attain creative unity even though, the participating artists are opting to keep their diverse creative expressions. It hopes to provide the exhibiting artists a platform, where they can exercise their freedom in practicing art that truly represents who they are, and what they want to be as painters.
Featuring artworks from Roy Ama, Franklin Valencia, Mark Vinas


Featuring artworks from Reynan Dingal, Leodito Bongo III, Fe Pepito
Above all, Creative Convergence hopes to promote the importance of diversity in the field of creativity and aspires to attain a strong bond among the exhibitors, thereby creating a lasting friendship between them, and hopefully, contribute to nurturing the Filipino art by organizing more activities that spur artistic unity and cooperation.
See the exhibit catalog in the link below.

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