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Marmelo Valencia

Marmelo Valencia

A self-taught painter and well-trained martial artist. Born on August 16, 1983 in Lopez, Quezon. Graduated from Philippine Normal University, Quezon Campus last 2004, currently taking his doctorate degree at University of Northeastern Philippines in Iriga City. He is serving as Secondary School Teacher In Lopez National Comprehensive High School since 2007 and recognized sports official in Arnis, Taekwondo, Pencak Silat and Karatedo.

He is the head instructor of Lopez Tigers Karatedo, Shohinkan Philippines holding the rank of 2nd Dan in karate, 1st dan in International Taekwondo Federation and blackbelt in Aikido. Never been complacent with his gift of arts , he connects himself with the people who share the same passion by actively participating in various organizations like the Quezon Artists ,former Lopenze Artit. He is a proud member of Tau Gamma Phi where he serves as the President of Triskelion Order of Educators. He ardently promotes visual arts among the youth through organizing and conducting various art workshops among members and non-members of his established art organization called League of Imaginative and Knowledgeable Honers of Arts (LIKHA) which yields promising young local artists.

    Recently, he participated in a national art exhibit held in NCCA Gallery in Intramuros Manila entitled “ Gangu at Suwi” and an online exhibit for Covid19 entitled “ARTHEAL”. He also participated in a group exhibits such as LIKHA art exhibit (2007-2018), Kristo Manila In Quezon City (2017),Wasiwas II in Lucena City (2017), Quezon Art 4 in Lakefront Paranaque (2017), Rewasiwas in Lopez (2017), Quezon Art 5 in Tayabas (2018), Bambu Resto In Manila (2018),Ani ng Sining in Lucena (2018), Malikhain in Lopez(2018),Hagud in Lucban (2018), Kristo Nino in NCCA Gallery Manila (2018), If trees could talk in NCCA Manila (2018) Art for Everyone in SM Lucena (2018),Quezon Art6 in Pacific Mall (2018)“Artheal 2020” for covid19, Buklod in Pasig City 2021, A Father and Son Exhibit entitled “Heart” 2020, and From My Roots at Artablado Gallery, Robinson’s Galleria (2022).

These were the few of the numerous exhibits he has partaken with which showcase monochromatic cubism and realism where he is identified with and published in different magazines. He also organized a community project entitled “Tara LIKHA Tau” a visual art activities for young artists of Lopez. He also won as coach during the International karatedo Competition held at Chang Hua Country in Taiwan last 2018. His valuable influence in uplifting and honing the artistic and athletic talents of young individuals was recognized by the community and was given a distinguished award as “ Natatanging Lopezeno 2018” in visual arts and sports category.

He was the Champion of the National Visual and Literary Art competition 2021 entitled Hirasol: Creating Hope in the Chaos. He also participated and in the GSIS National Art Competition 2021. At present, he conducting online training for both visual arts and martial arts.

Father and Son. He draws out his inspiration in every piece of his work the desire to immortalize the feelings, love and memories with and his father and of being a father to his son.

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