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Art Lozano

Art Lozano

Art Lozano is from the Ilocos region and over the years has evolved into an artist who uses the environment around him to reflect on his canvas. 

Lozano's work reflects his eclectic style using a variety of mediums available, playing on current events as well as his reflections on the plight of his countrymen. 

Through his work, Lozano evokes both a soft nationalism as well as his advocacy for the environment, using his masterpieces to evoke emotion, to question, to reflect, or at the least, to compel you to stop, look and eventually take action. 

Lozano hopes to become a reflection of realities close to him, both of the highland communities where he has grown as well as the areas he has immersed in. 

In his spare time, Lozano teaches children all over the country about the art, economic benefits of monoprint design, in the hope that through the craft, the next generation will be inspired to venture into the arts with a means to sustain their passion.

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