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Julius Villarete

Julius Villarete

Julius Villarete graduated from Bulacan State University with a degree in Industrial Engineering and incorporates the techniques he learned to create a style that is distinctly his own. The purpose of his work is to challenge its viewers on the perception of these living things we tend to overlook.

His message as an artist is to express how the simple things in life can be uplifting and positive if we just take a closer look. Villarete chooses his color palette from his emotions and paints as if he is expressing himself on the canvas.  Although fairly new in the art scene, Julius' experience working with different galleries made him decide to push through with his passion as a lifestyle. 

Living in a fast-paced world, we fail to notice the natural beauty that is abundant around us. Julius intends to remind his viewers that there is beauty and mystery all around us, and all we have to do is look.

He also admires Juvenal Sanso's style, where he uses lyrical lines and colors, patterns, and strokes that make his works intriguing from simple realities of life such as floral bouquets, landscapes, and skies.

He is inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers because what may appear to be a simple series of still life also showed others that you can find solace in paintings by paying attention to intricate details, experimenting with color, and brushstrokes. 

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