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Ronald Castrillo

Ronald Castrillo

Ronald Castrillo is a highly skilled sculptor who specializes in turning his imagination into three-dimensional reality. He is renowned for his ability to craft magnificent sculptures using various metals like brass, bronze, steel, and iron, and has elevated Pinoy sculptures to new heights with his exceptional works. Ronald's artistic talent and technical expertise have enabled him to create inspiring monuments, center-pieces, and unique sculptures that showcase his incredible skills.

Ronald's passion for art began at a young age, inspired by his father, Amado Castrillo, who was a writer, illustrator, and sculptor. Ronald started training and developing his skills in his family workshop in Makati when he was just ten years old. With the guidance of his father, Ronald honed his skills from simple drawings and sketches to more refined abilities, eventually leading him to sculpting. He draws inspiration from his surroundings and carefully plans his strategy to bring his ideas to life, shaping metal into beautiful lines and curves that people can touch and admire.

Ronald's technical knowledge and artistic abilities are perfectly combined, thanks to his degree in Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering Major in Aircraft Design from PATTS School of Aeronautics. His modern sculptures have been featured in various places, including EDSA and many city centers. He firmly believes that great sculptures should be conceived through great ideas and executed to perfection after careful planning guided by technical know-how. As a pioneer of Pinoy sculpting, Ronald is dedicated to ensuring that the discipline is in good hands.

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